Letters To My Mummi (No.1): Shaadi

Dear Maa,

Listen, I’ve eaten your rotis, even when the daal had just a touch too much salt. I’ve taken your thappads and obediently did math problems while all my other friends played outside in the summers. What I’m trying to say is that most of my life I’ve been your good beta. Continue reading “Letters To My Mummi (No.1): Shaadi”

7 Ways To Be A True ‘Handsome Brown Guy’

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1. Be woke but pay for all our dates: Yes, it’s 2018 and feminism is all about equality but when the bill comes I will be personally offended that you didn’t pay for our $16 cocktails. Sure, I work for a tech company and actually might make more than you but I haven’t signed up for a Venmo account for this exact situation.

Continue reading “7 Ways To Be A True ‘Handsome Brown Guy’”

Deep Dive: What’s The Deal With The Turban Emoji?

In recent years there has been much speculation behind who the turban emoji actually represents. While many ethnic groups across the world lay claim to representing the ‘actual’ turban emoji, much of the controversy centers around South Asia where two primary groups claim to be the one Continue reading “Deep Dive: What’s The Deal With The Turban Emoji?”