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Family Fast Forwards Through Bollywood Kiss Scene; Enjoys Item Girl Song

DES MOINES, IA – This Valentines Day, the Patel family decided to pass the evening with a family movie night after dinner. As usual, they sat in their basement home theater and popped in the latest Bollywood Blockbuster that their family friend, Preeti aunty, described as, “very different and good. A must watch!” Continue reading “Family Fast Forwards Through Bollywood Kiss Scene; Enjoys Item Girl Song”

Family Relationships Strained While Choreographing Dance For Aunt’s Wedding

Written by Rani Shah

January 12th, 2017

CHICAGO, IL – After creating the 4 minute Bollywood dance mix for their Aunt Shreya’s wedding, the Sharma cousins were finally ready to begin practicing.

During dance practice in the basement on Tuesday evening, a distant aunt visiting from New Jersey noticed how her 8-year old daughter wasn’t included in the cousins wedding dance.

“Why isn’t Reshma in this?”, asked Preeti masi, “Why are you trying to purposely exclude  her?”

The Sharma cousins looked at one another until their oldest cousin said, “We didn’t even know Reshma wanted to be in the dance. Wait…is she even here?” All the cousins suddenly realized that they hadn’t even seen Reshma the last few days.

“This is typical. You guys just like to leave her out of everything! Similar to what all your mom’s did to me as a child”, exclaimed Preeti masi.

As the other adults came downstairs to see what the noise was all about, the Sharma cousins noticed their little cousin Reshma silently mouthing, “Please don’t make me dance” from across the room, under the coffee table, hiding from her mom.

‘Woke’ College Student Realizes Favorite Bollywood Movies Are Sexist

 Written by Akshay Patel

December 23rd, 2016


GLENBARD, IL – When it comes to our memories of childhood Bollywood movies our impressions are usually similar to the sentiment they conveyed – joyful and hope inspiring.

One Indian college student however, has realized it was all a lie. “How can I appreciate the song and dance when all I can think about is the patriarchy?”, said our student. (She wishes to be kept anonymous, as she worries about attracting negative attention from local aunties.)

“It’s just so shocking to realize how disappointed Beyoncé would be of me”, she lamented. “I think I’m going to have to switch my Bollywood movie nights to Disney nights. Nothing beats Sleeping Beauty or The Little Mermaid.”