Indian Fuckboi Association Endorsed by President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON D.C – The Trump administration has recently met with controversy after their apparent support and endorsement of the Indian Fuckboi Association (IFA). Fuss Class reporters discovered close to $50 thousand dollars in donations that IFA accepted from the Trump administration over the last month.

When asked why President Trump would support such a niche organization, the IFA responded, “It’s great how our communication strategy of snapchatting girls and never being able to have deep conversations in person without gaslighting is exemplified by this administration”, remarked Dishan S., President of the IFA and recent ITT Tech grad, who prides himself on flirting with girls that are still in college and notably younger than him while he himself graduated over 3 years ago.

Fuss Class News dropped in on a biweekly IFA meeting to better understand the inner workings of the organization.

Members sit in  chairs arranged in a large circle while blasting Drake and having fervent discussion about how much they “dropped on bottle service last night”. Clad in ‘Life of Pablo‘ merchandising and an undercut hairstyle – IFA members start out each meeting by chanting their mantra, “I’m not like other guys. You can trust me.” After chanting, each member begins talking about how their male friends in healthy, committed relationships are ‘whipped’.

When asked about their views on the current administration, Harish K., Communications Officer of IFA, was unavailable to comment, however, he did text Fuss Class News saying, “k stop acting like a bitch.”

IFA’s sister organization, the Dramatic Brown Girl Collective (DBGC), was also unavailable to comment.

Written by Rani Shah

February 15, 2017

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