Ekta Kapoor Confesses Bindi Size Directly Correlates To Characters’ Evilness in Indian Serial Roles

MUMBAI, IN – Ekta Kapoor and other popular Indian serial producers have found success in using the tried and true technique of outfitting the evilest aunty characters in their shows with the largest bindis. Characters such as Komolika in Kasauti Zindagi Kay are assigned the most extravagant bindis so their high level of moral corruption can be easily gleaned by the audience.

Bindi illo

Kapoor admits this technique has been used for years because it is much easier to denote evil aunties with big bindis instead of creating well-developed, complex female characters over the age of 35.

“No one is interested in seeing older women on TV. Audiences only want to see young, hot women, so we have to make their characters stand out somehow. Giving the actresses a larger bindi immediately makes it clear what their role is. The audience doesn’t have to waste time trying to figure out why this aging woman over 35 is on their television screen,” Kapoor says in her interview.

This news comes as no surprise to local Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi watcher, Kalpana Aunty.

“Hai Raam! Those women with their big bindis are always the worst yaar. They think we don’t know? That’s why I always wear a small bindi,” says Kalpana auntie as she stirs and sips her chai.

Written by Ananya Vahal

Illustration by Carlos “Loso” Perez

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