Fuss Class News is the Internet’s first South-Asian satire outlet. The comedy of rage shouldn’t be contained to your Twitter feed, let it out. Let it out here. We’re more than samosas and huge weddings – we’re fuss class, baby.

How We Started

FCN is the product of me (Rani) visiting home for the holidays. About 3 weeks into me visiting my big, fat, Indian family I realized my experiences and thoughts couldn’t be contained to Snapchat, my friends, or even my equally derpy brother – which is how the idea of Fuss Class News came to be.

With the help of some amazing friends, there are some legible articles up! Yay friendship!

I’d like this to be open to all – so visit the ‘Contact’ Page and pitch your ideas please please puhlease. Let’s start a fuss class writing community!

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My mom doesn’t like this photo.