Dad’s Airport Anxiety Sets In Earlier Than Usual This Year

DETROIT, MI – With bags packed, boarding passes printed, and itinerary in tow, Prakash Amin prepares his family for their yearly winter vacation.

Cabo San Lucas this year is set to be the Amin family’s perfect getaway—ready with resort booked and vegetarian restaurants reserved. With the flight 24 hours away, husband and father of two teenagers, Mr. Amin has begun his usual ritual ahead of schedule: shouting a reminder to the entire house to pack their swimsuits, repeating flight information to anyone within a 20 ft radius, and convincing everyone he’s the most efficient packer of the entire family.

“3 pairs of shoes for 5 days?! Look at my bag: my one pair of waterproof sandals is all I need.” Mr. Amin proudly claims.

Come morning, the Amin family groggily jumped in the car and packed their trunk. Rather than angrily standing in the TSA line as usual, Mr. Amin has jumpstarted his annual airport anxiety by angrily speeding to the airport—despite having left 4 hours early to catch the family’s flight.

“If Sonia didn’t have to shower in the morning or if Ananya didn’t have to upset me by asking whether or not I had the passports or if Sanjana hadn’t insisted on eating breakfast, then we’d be at the gate 3 hours early,” huffed Mr. Amin, “we’ll make our flight but now none of us will be able to relax.”

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