FOX Breaks Racial Boundaries, Casts White Actor As Terrorist In Upcoming TV Series

NEW YORK, NY – The upcoming ABC drama, This is Our Country, features a major storyline around a white man planning a terrorist attack.

The show centers on a group of tight-knit families struggling to understand their place in America among their immigrant neighbors.

“It’s been so frustrating to us that brown people are constantly getting the “terrorist” role on TV and film. The white men actually planning and executing intricate attacks are being left out of the entertainment industry. Others are profiting off of our work,” remarks George Davis, the former moderator of the incel subreddit and an active 4chan poster.

He plans on throwing a series premiere watch party for all his friends.

Davis continues, “Most people terrorizing this country and orchestrating mass shootings are white men, but we haven’t been getting that representation in the media, I hope this signals a shift. Representation is really important for self-esteem, believe you can do anything. White men in this country need that right now.”

South Asian actors Ahmed Khalil and Sachit Patel had mixed emotions on the news.

“Honestly, I will take any character that’s not a terrorist. It’s just not worth it. We’re already being surveilled just for going to the mosque. I get to the airport three hours early for every domestic flight. I don’t need any more of this shit.” Khalil said.

“I’m mostly thrilled,” Patel tells us, “But also,” Patel trails off, “sometimes you just have to take whatever parts come to you. I’m definitely not above playing a doctor or some math whiz. The terrorist stuff is rough, though, especially the way people treat you. This gora does not know what he’s getting himself into.”

Khalil shakes his head, “That Davis guy is thrilled, though. I don’t even know how to process that.”

“But he’ll probably be fine,” Patel added, “even if he was actually a terrorist, the cops would still treat him like a human being.”

This is Our Country will be premiering in the fall of 2018 as part of ABC’s weekday lineup, taking Roseanne’s place in the line-up.

Editor’s note: Davis wanted it mentioned that he has no connection to these brown men and does not consent to his statements appearing in the same article as theirs.

By Mansi Kathuria

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