COVID-19 Vaccine Was Actually In That Danish Cookie Box The Entire Time

CHICAGO, IL – Looking for a relaxing activity can sometimes be a struggle for 29-year-old Dr. Sahana Jain, who amidst the Coronavirus pandemic is temporarily finding refuge at her family home in the northeast suburbs of Chicago.

“I was hoping to find some old fabric in the cabinet,” says Dr. Jain, “My parents are in an at-risk age group so I wanted to make easy-to-wear masks for them.”

Upon opening the cabinet, she came across her mother’s box of Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies, assuming the container held sewing materials such as needles and thread, Dr. Jain opened the tin and found the surprise of her life.

Dr. Jain remarks, “There was a cryogenic chamber inside with a vial labelled ‘COVID-19’! My mom still hasn’t given me an answer beyond ‘It’s a good container why would I buy another one to store my things?’



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