Money Saved On Black Friday Set To Be Dad’s Main Topic Of Conversation For Next 2 Months

PLANO, TX – With the holiday season upon us, deals on headphones to streaming services have gotten consumers riled up for a memory-filled Christmas. 

For local dad, Bhavin Surti, the savings not only soothe the wallet they provide ample opportunities to inform others of how much he saved this year on a 4K TV. “Last week I asked him to make sure the Indian channels are working on the new TV and he started showing me receipts of the TV showing us how much he saved,” Mr. Surti’s mother complains, “he started texting the deal to everyone in the family WhatsApp and forgot to setup ZeeTV.”

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Asking around his social circles, Mr. Surti’s friends are no strangers to this phenomenon themselves. With entire family get-togethers filled with conversations about Black Friday savings on items such as cameras, electric toothbrushes, and lawn mowers.”We have a family vacation coming up and my son’s engagement party, such a great year! Can’t wait to show you the pictures on the new TV setup. Great deal we got, saved over $250 during Black Friday!” mentions Mr. Surti. 


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