Roommate Unable To Function Without Mom

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Moving into their new Bay Area apartment this past year, 25-year-old’s Amar Joshi, Shaan Tiwari, and Vishal Pathak, were ready to buy some furniture and create a temporary home for themselves.

As the year progressed, Mr. Joshi and Mr. Tiwari soon began to realize the common house rules didn’t seem to register with their third roommate, Mr. Pathak.

“I literally don’t know if he has ever washed a dish in his life,” states Mr. Tiwari, “He used to just leave them in the sink but lately a pack of paper plates has appeared in the cupboard.”

Mr. Joshi adds, “I also don’t think he’s ever done his laundry in this apartment and in his life,” Mr. Joshi points to a large, ‘India-sized’ bag, “He takes that home to San Jose every weekend even though we have a washer/dryer in unit. One time, he asked me when the Bounce dryer sheets need to be put into the washer. I didn’t respond because I thought it was a joke.”

Peering into Mr. Pathak’s bedroom, one gets a glimpse of chaos as bedsheets lay on the floor, mismatched socks are scattered on the bed, a heaping trash can filled with take-out containers sulks in the corner, and a sad, unopened box of Clorox wipes peeks out from inside his closet.

“He makes six-figures – like he did something right, but the other day he asked me how I know when the milk has gone bad,” says Mr. Tiwari, “Vishal literally doesn’t know if the food he’s eating is rotten or not.”

FCN reached out to Mr. Vishal Pathak for comment, upon dialing his cell number his mom picked up and informed us ‘Vishal can’t come to the phone right now, he’s taking a nap.’

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