Community Mobilizes to Save High School Freshman Interested in Gender Studies BA

ATLANTA – Hundreds from Atlanta’s South Asian community assembled at Drs. Hemant and Suresha Reddy’s Buckhead home this Saturday to join a surprise intervention on behalf of the couple’s son, Kishore Reddy.

The issue revolves around a conversation, overheard by Kiran Auntie which occurred between Reddy, a North Atlanta High School freshman, and Kiran Auntie’s daughter, Shreya. In their conversation, Reddy allegedly admits his desire to become a gender studies major when he begins college. Reddy is also suspected of attending “Gay Straight Alliance”’ club meetings after school.
“His parents are devastated,” says Kiran Auntie, in a hushed angry tone, while making filter coffee in the Reddy’s kitchen, “They worked hard to provide a good life and teach their kids to avoid drugs, alcohol, the humanities, and support for alternative lifestyles. This intervention is necessary.”

Kiran Auntie was suddenly interrupted by a text message from Reddy’s Father, saying they are a few minutes away. Coming back from a four hour SAT prep course, Kishore opened the door to find his close family and family-friends assembled in a circle in the living room.

Confused, he asked, “”Umm so what’s all this, Dad? I didn’t know we had a family party today.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 5.57.48 PM
‘Slide 6 of 75’ from the Kishore Reddy Intervention

As uncle after uncle began reading their prepared statements admonishing the young ABCD to cease his deviant ways, Kishore grew increasingly agitated. “Seriously what the hell – college is years away and I heard gender studies classes were a great place to meet girls,” he yelled.

Despite 4 hours of pleading and a PowerPoint presentation outlining employment prospects & incomes of different college majors, the two sides remained at a stalemate. “I was just talking shit,” confessed Kishore. “But now that I know majoring in gender studies really pisses my parents off, I’m actually more inclined to go for it.”

Written by Raj Rao

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