White Man Tries To Relate To South Asian Coworker By Mentioning Chicken Tikka Masala

ST. LOUIS, MO – It’s been 2 months since Pratik Shastri began working at a local legal firm. Specializing in corporate law, he is confident he’s found the right firm to propel his career forward.

“I feel challenged and am surrounded by really bright attorneys,” explains Mr. Shastri, “I’m excited for my future here.”

Like most workplaces in America, Mr. Shastri is a minority in his office. As such, he is no stranger to his white coworkers trying their best to ‘relate to his background.’

“I just LOVE naan and chicken tikka masala,” gushes Brian Perkins, “I’m all about that spice. I’ve been asking Pratik if he wants to get some with me for the past few weeks.”

Upon asking what other Indian dishes he enjoyed, Brian admitted, “I’ve tried chai lattes before but nothing else really. I’m not sure I’ll like curry – plus I don’t want anything that you can’t eat with a fork.”

“I’m from Chicago,” said Mr. Shastri, “Some decent pizza for lunch would be nice.”

Written by Rani Shah

June 13th, 2017

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