South Asian Family Makes Taco Bell Trip To Urgently Replenish FIRE Sauce

CHICAGO, IL – Last Wednesday night, the Gupta family of Schaumburg, Ill. ventured out at 8:15 pm to their neighborhood Taco Bell. However, it wasn’t the new Naked Chicken Chalupa that they were after.

“It’s amazing – I never thought we’d actually run out of FIRE sauce”, noted 14-year old Akash Gupta, “The one time we got close was when the Diablo sauce came out. That was kind of a family event, we held a puja.”

Akash’s mother, Kanchan Gupta, added, “To be honest, we don’t really like the food that much – it’s just that the sauce is to die for.”

Taco Bell employees present noticed nothing suspicious, but did express some confusion at the family’s order “4 Zesty Chicken Bowls, with no chicken”. Fuss Class News reached out to Taco Bell and parent company Yum! Brands, but both have declined to comment.

Written by Tanay Ganga

February 7th, 2017

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