Local Eyebrow Lady Destroys Self-Esteem By Always Asking, “Upper Lip?”

AURORA, IL – Earlier this week, 23-year-old Sara Khan arrived at Zeenat Salon to get her eyebrows threaded. It had been 3 weeks since her last threading and her selfies were no longer packing the punch they usually did.

She sat in the chair and told her eyebrow lady, “Not too thin please”. As Ms. Khan relaxed her face and held her skin taught with her hands, she felt the thin thread quickly brushing up and plucking out her stray eyebrow hairs.

Once the threading was over, Ms. Khan felt a moment of zen overcome her as the eyebrow lady slowly and carefully snipped away longer eyebrow hairs with her small, metal scissors.

As she felt the eyebrow lady finally smooth aloe vera gel over her forehead, she heard a piercing voice ask, “Upper lip?”.

Ms. Khan quickly recalled how this morning she had sorta seen a few dark hairs above her lip. Or at least she thought she did. “Oh god”, she thought, “What if I just didn’t see them!?”

Ms. Khan quickly said, “Yes please” to the eyebrow lady to save face (literally). Besides – why would the eyebrow lady ask if she hadn’t seen any upper lip hair?

Upon asking the eyebrow lady, Zeenat Abbasi, she had this to say, “I always ask whether or not I see hairs. It’s business. Most girls just say yes. I mean, hey, $5 more for us!”

Written by Rani Shah

January 27th, 2017

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