Sar-He™ Surpasses RompHim™ Sales This Holiday Season

MUMBAI, INDIA – With the recent success of the bold, new RompHim™ for men in the United States, boys and men nationwide have scrambled to get their hands on this novelty fashion piece.

Rahul Sharma, a student at Arizona State University, saw the potential in an untapped men’s fashion market in India. The Sar-He™, explains Sharma, is based off the traditional saree usually only worn by Indian women. Sharma believes that the Sar-He™ will appeal to men due to the breakdown in gender norms as well as having more breathing room for their crotch.

“It’s literally a saree marketed toward men,” says Sharma, “Like there is literally no difference at all in construction.”

Expect the Sar-He™ to be sold out on Amazon and other fashion retailers for this year’s holiday festivities. 

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Written by Rohan Shah

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