Following FCC Vote, Ajit Pai and Bobby Jindal Hit The Town With Chai Tea Lattes

WASHINGTON D.C – Following Thursday’s vote to repeal net neutrality laws in the US, FCC chairman Ajit Pai is set for celebration.

With his dear friend Bobby Jindal in tow, Pai was seen window shopping and strolling through Capitol Hill cafes.

Giggling at Starbucks, Jindal proclaimed how he ‘LOVES their authentic chai tea.’ Nodding in agreement, Pai ordered two venti chai tea lattes and one blueberry scone – because according to Pai, “What else says celebration like a British colonial-era pastry?”

In between sips, the men fervently discussed how the Mild Taco Bell hot sauce is the best, how they hope their children pursue liberal arts degrees, and how they had trouble comprehending ‘urban music’.

Towards the end of their conversation, the topic turned towards culture. Jindal asked Pai if he ‘spoke Indian at home to his children.’

To which Pai responded, “No, that cultural resource was throttled.”

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Written by Rani Shah

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